Payment Tracker

Free! Payment Tracker Android App for businesses that automatically tracks digital transactions like cash, UPI, PoS, wallet, online & bank payments.

Preview of the Payment Tracker

Payment Tracker includes

1. Tracking of daily settlements from different payment gateways.

2. Aggregate data from all QR, Payment sources.

3. Comprehensive payment list view.

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Steps to get your Payment Tracker

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Benefits of the Payment Tracker

Get a single dashboard for all incoming transactions from multiple QR/UPI/POS modes.

Talkback (voice) feature to confirm every incoming payment to ensure you do not lose the money with any fraudulent transactions.

Weekly/monthly business reports are along with an auto-tracking feature of all the income & expense sources.

Know your daily collection without looking into multiple apps and adding the amount received.

Get insights about the financial health of your business and know how your business is doing every week/month.

Get user-friendly graphs of your business finances.

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