GST Registration

590 /- (incl. taxes)

Why do you need GST Registration?

  • It enables your business to charge and/or collect GST
  • GST registration is mandatory if you want to sell/offer your products/services on an e-commerce platform
  • GST registration is preferred if you are conducting business with GST-registered businesses. It’s only then that they will be able to avail Input Tax Credit benefits
  • GST registration is mandatory if your annual turnover exceeds the prescribed limit

GST Registration Details

  1. You can voluntarily apply for GST registration even if your turnover is less than the prescribed limit
  2. GST registration does not have an expiry date and does not require a renewal
  3. Once you have a GST registration, it is mandatory to file GST returns
5 Simple Steps For GST Registration*

*after sharing the documents and information with us


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Make full payment


Submit Documents & Information


Share Additional Information


Get GST Registered


Supplies of all goods and services are taxable, except alcoholic liquor for human consumption.

Securities are excluded from the definition of ‘goods and services’. Hence, transaction in securities is not taxable under GST.

Imports of goods and services are treated as interstate supplies and IGST is levied on them.

  1. If SGST accrues to the state, the incidence tax will consider destination principle and the tax revenue where the imported goods and services are consumed
  2. Full and complete set-off is available on the GST paid on import of goods and services

Exports are treated as zero-rated supplies. No tax is payable on export of goods or services. However, input tax credit is available.

  1. The exporter has an option to either pay tax on the output and claim refund of IGST
  2. He can export under the bond of without payment of IGST and later claim a refund of Input Tax Credit (ITC)